Letters: Robert Raab, August 7, 2015

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In reply to Cllr Alistair Beales’s letter about my letter on the design of the bus station and the bus Shelters (Tuesday, July 21).

He got it right that the design of the bus station was designed to “design out anti-social behaviour” and not for the travellers who travel on the buses.

And he used the wrong phrase of anti-social behaviour. The words should have been the “ the homeless”, who would use the bus shelters overnight to get away from the English weather.

It seems like the council drop using the words “ the homeless” for the words “ anti-social behaviour” that they used to use when they talked about bus shelters.

What the council should have done was first to make a plan to help these homeless people who use bus shelters.

Has the council ever made a small model of the new bus station and put it in a wind tunnel and see how the many ways that the weather affects bus travellers when they use the new design?

Was this done before the council started the renovation on the bus station? These canopies that Cllr Alistair Beales is talking about won’t keep out the weather.

The bus shelters should be reinstalled.

There were letters printed in the Lynn News that said the bus shelters should be re-installed at the time of the bus station consultation. The council even replied to my email about bus shelters with a written letter.

The council took no notice of what bus travellers said during the consultation. And the council denied that anyone had said anything about the shelters at the consultation.

One last thing – are Cllr Alistair Beales and the designers of the bus station bus travellers?

Robert Raab

Fairstead Estate, Lynn