Letters: Robert Raab, December 4, 2015

JPNS-20-02-13-006 comm view landfill PPP-150226-123526001
JPNS-20-02-13-006 comm view landfill PPP-150226-123526001
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I attended the county council’s Environment, Development and Transport meeting on November 20 at County Hall.

Part of the meeting dealt with the best way to dispose of waste by 2020. County councillors kept using the word “interim” and saying, “saving of two million pounds”, but didn’t care much about the words “environmentally-friendly” and “climate change”. The county council was all for burning our waste in incinerators for years to come. The county council even increased the contract to burn our waste for more years in Suffolk’s incinerator and now wants to send our waste to Germany and the Netherlands to be burnt. How much longer will our waste go up in smoke creating more pollution? County councillors should do something now about disposing of waste in a green and friendly way. The council voted for no incineration for Norfolk. So why is the council using other incinerators elsewhere? The council is thinking about transferring our waste to Germany and Netherlands by Lynn Port. We in Lynn don’t want more lorries coming into town increasing air pollution. We need a greener way to get rid of our waste now. Climate change won’t wait until 2020.

Robert Raab

Fairstead Estate, Lynn