Letters: Robert Raab, February 24, 2017

A green wheelie bin - Jonathan'SM-S091207-041js
A green wheelie bin - Jonathan'SM-S091207-041js
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I’m replying to the letters (Lynn News, February 11) of Ebenezer Blenkinsop and Gordon Eagle about getting rid of waste.

The problem with our waste is that we don’t know which items can be recycled and which is non-recyclable. A lot of product labels say recycling depends on the recycling system you have where you live. The simple answer to this is that central government should make every council agree on whether an item is recyclable or non-recyclable and no council can opt out. So, no matter where you live in the UK, every item will either be recyclable or non-recyclable when sold in the UK. To make this work all the councils in the UK must have the same clean way of recycling.

Robert Raab