Letters: Robert Raab, February 6, 2015

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Once again the Lynn News has an article (Friday, January 23) saying one of the best ways to attract people and tourists to a town is to have a permanent town market like Swaffham’s market.

I ask council leader Nick Daubney, when is King’s Lynn going to have back the permanent market he promised more than a year ago in his reply to my letter in the Lynn News?

He said the council was looking for a place for the permanent market in King’s Lynn, which he said could be in the football stadium (which isn’t in the town centre) or another place in the town.

The Tuesday Market Place is the place to have our Tuesday market.

It is in the heart of our historical town so would allow us to show off our town to visitors. The people of King’s Lynn are still waiting for the abundance of people and tourists Nick Daubney said would come to King’s Lynn now we have the cafe culture in the Tuesday Market Place.

Robert Raab

Westmark, Fairstead Estate, King’s Lynn