Letters: Robert Raab, January 13, 2015

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How will King’s Lynn and Norfolk be in 2015? Will the Government be given back to the people (by the people for the people)?

Will the borough and the county councillors honour their election pledges this year?

And will the people make sure these people in Government are no longer in Government? Will our areas in the county get the permission to increase the road traffic, road air pollution, the hospital waiting list, overcrowding of our schools and the decreasing our green areas and play areas, etc by getting permission from the Government to build thousands more houses?

There are many streets already over the maximum level for pollution. Will the Government be adding to this?

Will these houses be made up of recyclable material for the future of our area now that there isn’t enough landfill sites and we now can’t use incineration for unrecyclable materials according to our new county waste tragedy?

Will our county become a sick county in the future?

Will the house builders put in millions of pounds for more doctors, more teachers, hospital extensions, school extensions, money to clear up the future air pollution, etc. that we will be needed in the future? I doubt it!

Will these houses actually be sold to the people in our county that need the housing or will they be sold to outsiders like the Londoners for more holiday homes and for them to have cheaper housing then they can buy in London on a first come first served basis or to the highest bidder?

Will the houses be affordable and not what they did on council land on the Fairstead years ago when some of the land had a contract for affordable homes with more play areas and they were not built?

Robert Raab

Fairstead, Lynn