Letters: Robert Raab, January 30, 2015

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Council leader Nick Daubney tells the Lynn News, he is “proud of his administration’s record and the programme of improvements, such as the regeneration of Tuesday Market Place, which have been completed despite the Financial Climate”.

He and his administration didn’t have to find the money for the renovation of the Tuesday Market Place ‘café culture’, the Saturday Market Place ‘café culture’, and the large pencils statues in The Walks, which cost more than a £1 million.

This money came from the ECC (European) Budget as a grant. So, why is Mr Daubney and his administration trying to take credit for this money?

When is the abundance of people going to come to the cafe culture the council made in the markets places? We are still waiting.

Or was this programme a waste of the £1 million?

Robert Raab,

Westmark, Fairstead Estate

Bawsey Pits