Letters: Robert Raab, July 22, 2016

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Devolution is so big for the people of our borough and county on a local level, so why isn’t the Government setting it out in way for the people to know what devolution for our county is?

Just ask any person on the street ‘what is devolution?’ and I bet you they wouldn’t know, and wouldn’t know that it is for our county.

And going onto an unfriendly internet site answering the council’s questions and picking out answers that the council has chosen to pick from isn’t democratic. A lot people still don’t use a computer, so why is this service only on the internet ?

I have been told by many that you really have to know how the question is worded on this site before you choose your answers from the council’s ‘prepared answers’ they give you to choose from.

This devolution seems like it is another Brexit, of ‘Out or In’ of the EU .

There should have been a letter sent to all of us – an un-biased letter from the county council setting out what devolution is. This letter shouldn’t be biased like the Prime Minister’s letter about staying in the EU.

Will there be any public meetings explaining what devolution is, with a question and answer session (both in the daytime and evening)?

To me, devolution is setting up an EU on a smaller scale for our county amongst other counties. Will West Norfolk get a say in matters if Norfolk joins?

Robert Raab, Fairstead Estate