Letters: Robert Raab, July 7, 2015

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Once again there was no mention about shelters at the renovated bus station in the articles written by the Lynn News and the borough council to protect against cold winds, rain and snow blowing under the new cover. They forgot we have English weather of all four seasons in the same day.

And don’t let the borough council again deny that no one mentioned the bus shelters at the consultation about the renovation. My main point at the consultation was about the bus shelters. And when I brought up the subject in a letter to the Lynn News, a lot of people came forward and said they also brought up the point that bus shelters should be put back. One person even said that she took a letter to the borough council saying that the shelters should be returned. I sent an email to the council about the reinstallation of the shelters. They replied with a written letter about the bus shelter, but later they denied that anyone said anything about the bus shelters.

Why isn’t the borough council coming clean that the builders got the height of the steel framework the wrong size? The buses were meant to go under the cover. Now there will be a gap between the cover and buses when travellers get on the buses in all weathers.

So far, only two bus shelters have been put back of the four we had. Will they be reinstalling the other two in the cover before winter comes? When the Norwich Bus Station was renovated with a cover, they kept all their bus shelters.

Robert Raab, Fairstead Estate, King’s Lynn