Letters: Robert Raab, March 1, 2016

david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121353001
david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121353001
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I want to back up the Big Eye’s point about our frail and vulnerable OAPs (Lynn News Tuesday, February 16.)

There is a baby boomer pensioner who had his pension topped up by pension credit.

The Government admits that the baby boomers’ state pension isn’t fit to live on, which is the reason why pension credit came in. This pensioner worked for over 40 years, so he and the rest of the baby boomers deserve to get a living wage state pension. Why is the Prime Minister David Cameron robbing the baby boomers’ pot of money to which they have contributed for over 40 years? And don’t say the problem is that there are a lot baby boomers retiring at the same time, so the Government doesn’t have enough money. The government knew many, many years ago that when they retired there would be a lot at the same time. The Government wasted and misused our money.

This also goes for the NHS. You will find that most people who use the NHS are under 40 years old – and not the older baby boomers. This same pensioner will be getting a raise in his state pension this April, but he will also be getting a cut in his pension credit so he will be getting less pension. Why can MPs get a golden pension for working less than ten years as an MP when we boomers have to work for over 40 years?

Robert Raab