Letters: Robert Raab, March 25, 2016

EU flag. EMN-160223-103536001
EU flag. EMN-160223-103536001
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Would Lynn voters vote to stay in the European Community on the green platform that it has? The EC has already cost us tax payers in Norfolk £35million by not going green. The EC hasn’t yet stopped the building of incinerators and the getting rid of the existing ones.

The EC’s stance now is that any country within the EC can build incinerators and burn their waste in the EC.

We know that incineration is the dirtiest and most out of date way to get rid of our waste.

Now that our county council lost the £35 million, we are now suffering at their hands in this year’s coming budget. The council has to make up this shortage of £35 million. It is now making up this shortage of money by putting stealth taxes on all the services we need in the county on anything they can get their hands on. For example, increasing parking fees.

So, think about it, should you vote to stay in the EC on the green platform that the EC doesn’t have.

Robert Raab

Fairstead Estate