Letters: Robert Raab, May 15, 2015

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I want to thank you, Councillor Nick Daubney, the Leader of the Council, for your reply to my letter about what infrastructure the council already has on its books and the infrastructure the council is planning if the thousands of houses get built in West Norfolk that the council intends.

Councillor Daubney, it has been for a long time that the public has kept asking the council about the infrastructure needed before these houses are built at many public council meetings and consultations, but we have now got some answers from you.

You mentioned in the your letter: “ We are in advanced discussions with major doctor’s surgery for a large new facility to serve anticipated housing growth over the next few years.” Is this group from the NHS or private companies?

Can you please tell the public when you sell the land to builders, will the contract say that the builders must build real affordable houses that people in West Norfolk can actually afford?

And will these builders keep to the law that there must be so much green land for so many houses built?

Or will it be just like what happened on Fairstead Estate years ago in the contract between the council who sold the land and builders? In this contract there should have been a lot of affordable houses, which were never built and the council never pursued this with the builders.

Nor did the council do anything about the builders not allowing for the amount of green land.

With all the increase in infrastructure the council has on its books and planning for these houses, are there enough people already trained in West Norfolk to take up these jobs or will these jobs be taken up by trained people outside of our area or from overseas? Don’t forget, it takes years to get trained and not overnight for these jobs.

Will it be the council who controls who buys these houses and that they are people who have lived in West Norfolk for many years?

Will the planning department say that these thousands of houses that the council wants to be build in West Norfolk that the building material must be recyclable and have been made by green processes?

There aren’t many landfill sites left for the future in West Norfolk and incineration is out of the question.

Robert Raab

Westmark, Fairstead