Letters: Robert Raab, November 15, 2016

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Now with Trump and Brexit, the governments will listen to what the people say and act upon that.

Trump will listen to people in his country. The UK government never listens, which is why we had Brexit.

People want to start Brexit now not next year. And West Norfolk borough councillors especially don’t listen to their people.

For example, why did the MPs get over a 10 per cent increase in their large wage and Lynn borough councilors get 8.5 per cent on their large wage, yet pensioners only received no more than 2.5 per cent on less money last year?

The Government hasn’t listened to pensioners.

The money the pensioners get isn’t the Government’s money, it’s the money pensioners have paid in over years.

If the pensioners had had their chance to invest all their money they put into the Government’s pyramid pension scheme, they would have enough money to have a decent life to live out their last days.

Robert Raab, Fairstead Estate, Lynn