Letters: Robert Raab, October 25, 2016

King's Lynn Buses New livery ANL-150826-190913009
King's Lynn Buses New livery ANL-150826-190913009
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I heard on October 7 that there was to be a meeting of the bus users’ group (www.bususers.org/) , the next day at the Forum in Norwich about what is happening about the bus services.

The meeting was also a chance for passengers to give feedback on services. This meeting seemed to be all about bus services in the Norwich area. I asked about the services in Lynn. The chairperson, then said they won’t be talking about the Norfolk Green bus services because they didn’t send any representative or from Stagecoach, which owns Norfolk Green. Stagecoach – why didn’t you send a representative to this meeting to tell us about what will be done in the future to improve the services in Lynn?

Stagecoach – can you please have a meeting in Lynn for us passengers?And can the bus users’ group also have a meeting soon in Lynn?

Robert Raab, Fairstead Estate