Letters: Robert Raab, September 23, 2016

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The consultation about Lynnsport Area 1 , where the council wants to build houses, was useless.

We were told that if you want to know about the future of that area and have questions, you can go to this consultation. When I asked them which high school would my children go to if I bought a house there, I was told that this is a council question and I would have to ask the council. The questions about the infrastructure of Lynnsport Area 1 is what we went to the consultation to talk about.

Then another person asked whether the bus service would be better than the service we get at the moment, with buses never showing up, late buses, two or three buses of the same number coming at the same time etc? The person we spoke to didn’t know anything about the bus service that will cover this area of Lynnsport. So, I stopped asking any more questions when they hadn’t any clue about the area now – or in the future.

All buyers should know about the infrastructure of the roads, NHS, schools, bus services, etc, before buying a house. So, if the council and the planners don’t know now about the infrastructure there and the surrounding areas, then planning permission shouldn’t be granted.

Robert Raab, Fairstead Estate, King’s Lynn