Letters: Robert West, August 26, 2016

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I write in answer to Malcolm Cox’s letter on the contributions made by Dave Fleming to your columns. Mr Cox seems frightened that after Brexit, or rather Break-out, Britain will be seen as a pariah. This is nothing but scaremongering.

Many on the continent admire Britain’s choice in seeking to leave the rather undemocratic and micro-managing institutions of the European Union, and are calling for their own referenda. Rather than being a pariah, we have become an example: a good example to the freedom-loving peoples of Europe. Nor have we ever been frightened in the past of standing alone: that is often the way of good leadership – and it only lasts for a while until others follow suit.

We have stood bravely alone in the past against many centralising systems of government, and in the end established the freedoms which the EU institutions now seem to compromise or threaten. When Mr Cox comes to value the freedoms we have always stood for, since before Magna Carta, maybe he will catch up with the rest of us, and learn that the vote to leave the rather rigid EU is something, not to harangue others about, but to thank them for.

Rev Robert West, Holbeach