Letters: Roland Worth, October 11, 2016

Hunstanton. Harrys Way. ANL-160930-091921001
Hunstanton. Harrys Way. ANL-160930-091921001
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It is a pity that Chris Smith, was so quick off the mark with his appreciation of the efforts of the town council to stop the use of Harrys Way in the Hopkins building development, (Letters, September 30), otherwise he would have seen the outcome and possibly thought otherwise.

Not only have their protests been ignored, but this came too late in the day for the scheme was already in process. In fact they were two years behind the time for it to be effective. But it may be another council, since I cannot trace a Miss Brown as the town clerk who was mentioned in the letter as apparently being involved in conveying the support by the town council.

Roland Worth, Harrys Way, Hunstanton