Letters: Roland Worth, October 2, 2015

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With her usual succinct and penetrating assessment, Jo Rust has defined the effects of all that would result from the Government’s proposed legislation in revising the Trades Union law and membership of a political party, in this case the Labour movement.

As one involved for 25 years as General Secretary of a trade union and throughout that time resisted changes of one sort or another, yet still maintained some harmonious relationship with various governments, it is hard to swallow an imposition which will destroy the fundamental opportunity for workers to voice an opinion. The recourse will be further unrest. All this to what effect? On the face of it to enable the Tory party to have an edge in the balance of power. No wonder our MP chose to subscribe to this means of exercising supremacy over the workers; by voting for the adoption of these measures. It is freely admitted that 60 per cent of the industrial disputes over the past few years would have come within the range of the proposed legislation. So why change? Other than to seek a pernicious and spiteful attack on those who need to improve their lives but are hampered in doing so by vicious bosses and management.

Roland Worth

Harry’s Way, Hunstanton