Letters: Ronald Mortimer, February 9, 2016

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I get great enjoyment in this response from Mr Cox and I would appreciate if he got my surname right, Mr R Mortimer not Mortimor.

There are three areas in life you will never win a discussion at: sport, religion and politics. The island of Ireland is at least a lot better place now, through lot of people’s sacrifices politically and militarily. Our friends across the ocean played a great part in negotiations, the Americans, and they need applauding for their part. The Irish dimension will always be there and I repeat myself let the Labour leader if he is Prime Minister push for a United Ireland and see what happens.

Mr Cox, I do thank you for a robust reply and, yes, along with thousands of other military personnel we are proud to have served our country and on Remembrance Day each year we stand for two minutes in silence to pay tribute to their ultimate sacrifice for our great country. I wish you well and thank you for a good democratic discussion on subjects me or you will never win.

There are and always will be contentious suggestions on the way forward, but that is life and being a small cog in a big wheel our views are very rarely heard.

Ronald Mortimer