Letters: Ronald Mortimer, January 23, 2015

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With the French disaster and the overwhelming support for freedom of expression, I congratulate the writer of the letter (Why so touchy with Jo Rust, January 16) as touching a nerve and in this reply is getting a quick reaction.

The person is right. Two MPs left the Conservative Party. Could he/she give the reasons why? Or is the truth they were not good enough so defected to a lower political party?

If this world was perfect and every human being never upset anyone it would be a boring place to live in.

But I stand by my comments. The Labour Party is fragmented and it will get worse for them in the coming elections.

You can write their seats off in Scotland for a start.

With inflation at its lowest, more people in work, the fastest growing economy in Europe, fuel prices down, energy firms bringing down prices etc, I cannot say the Conservative Party is not on the right track after the disaster Labour left the country in.

The proof is always in the pudding. The people will decide in May who they want to govern them, so the game is on till then.

If, and I say if, Jo Rust gets in I wish her well and will be interested to see what her achievements will be in the future.

Well done Mr Bellingham MP for speaking out about the new developments: good leadership qualities shown again keep up the good work.

Democracy is a wonderful way of seeing people’s opinions on all subjects that effect our lives keep them coming in on a constructive basis.

Ronald Mortimer,

King’s Lynn