Letters: Ronald Mortimer, March 17, 2015

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Reading the recent letter from Mr Williams, of Downham I must agree with him entirely.

Over the past seven years I have been chairman of two residents’ associations and adviser in another in King’s Lynn.

The amount of representation councillors for these area gave to residents leaves something to be desired.

Some, and I say some, do a reasonable job but others just like the heading councillor but do not carry out the responsibilities. Mr Williams: If you want something sorting out, do it yourself – you then know what is being done.

I put nearly three years into getting Millfields Estate to the high standard it is at now through hard work and determination from myself and my committee.

I dealt with the county council, borough council, Anglian Water, Highways, private road contractors and EON and I found these agencies gave a massive amount of help in many aspects to complete this project.

Words are easily put on paper to describe endeavours but speaking to residents on another person’s achievements comes under the heading confirmation.

We live in a democracy so councillors’ freedom of speech is your to exercise, I believe we have to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Mr Williams don’t give up. Stay the extra mile.

Ronald Mortimer,