Letters: Ronald Mortimer, November 24, 2015

QEH General Views of the outside of the hospital ANL-150525-110623009
QEH General Views of the outside of the hospital ANL-150525-110623009
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With the excuse that was given by their top woman for the wage increases to the selected few that we have to pay top salaries for their expertise is fine if efficiency is seen to be in order.

The efficiency in the QEH for a long time is something to be desired. It still has a long way to go to reach an acceptable standard in many areas.

A&E still needs to be looked at, there has been a small improvement but not a lot.

Springwood and other areas being used by hospital staff to park their cars and causing residents a headache, this

is because staff had their passes taken away which allowed them reduced parking fees. Why charge these valuable

people at all? Why not use the new area at the bottom of the car park just for hospital staff.

Did the people who got this massive increase in salaries think of their valuable hospital staff in parking fees? I don’t think so.

Get your hospital sorted out, then put pennies in your purse but learn man management first. Look after your staff first before looking after yourself.

The NHS is in the red by millions of pounds and that is after millions keep getting poured into it.

There is so much wastage going on in hospitals if this was sorted out then millions would be saved and directed to the doctors and nurses pay packets not the higher echelon to line their pockets. I am a big supporter of our NHS and I would like to see that good name kept by the public but the NHS needs to look at itself first.

Ronald Mortimer