Letters: Rory Bickle, March 20, 2015

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I am writing to draw your attention to the latest potentially murderous piece of road planning inflicted upon us by the powers that be.

I am referring, of course, to the updated road layout near the former Zoot’s nightclub in Lynn where a large amount of housebuilding has necessitated a redesign of the road junction.

All well and good, but after installing the new pedestrian crossings, it appears that no one actually took a look at the lights in action.

Here in this picture is the view afforded a pedestrian looking to cross from John Kennedy Road towards North Street.

The ‘green man’ plainly displayed to me in this situation is actually intended for people crossing from the traffic island to the car wash, or the Baltika supermarket, which does a surprisingly large range of teas.

But if I were a child or an imbecile, I could easily believe that the green man displayed across the street meant that it was safe for me to cross, only to be obliterated by a fast-moving truck.

Thankfully I am not a child or an imbecile, but we teach our children to watch for the green man, and this green man stands ready to beckon some unfortunate soul to their doom.

Rory Bickle,