Letters: Ros Ridley, June 12, 2015

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Being an avid Gilbert and Sullivan fan I recently attended the Majestic cinema for the live streamed performance of The Pirates of Penzance by the ENO direct from the London stage directed by Mike Reid.

What a disappointment. Lovely voices but the scenery, the costumes and the action were really unremarkable. In January this year our local West Norfolk G&S Society produced The Pirates of Penzance at the Arts Centre, directed by Andrew Nicklin, one of the best amateur directors of G&S in the country. What a shame that could not be streamed out through cinemas. Great set, colourful costumes, lots of rollicking action and comical moments – just what G&S is about. I wait with bated breath their production of The Yeomen of the Guard in February next year.

Ros Ridley

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