Letters: Ros Ridley, September 22, 2015

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BLOG Yeoman of the Guard ENGSUS00120121113091448
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The West Norfolk Gilbert & Sullivan Society has started rehearsing for their next production, The Yeomen of the Guard, and once again we are struggling to find male singers, both for the chorus and lead parts.

This has been the situation for several years and I know other amateur societies have the same problem. Do their wives not let them loose on the stage, are they too busy in their gardens through the winter months, or are they too timid? Previously we have had no trouble finding female singers but this year we seem to lack altos. We would love to see more young people (teenage plus).

Singing is very good exercise for the lungs and the fun and friendship involved is very enervating. G&S is comedy set to music and this society is very friendly and welcoming – come on, come and give it a go. Interested? Ring Ros 01553 674715 or come to North Wootton Village Hall at 7.30pm any Thursday.

Ros Ridley

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