Letters: Rosalind Pugh, June 3, 2016

Farm Land at Ingoldisthorpe ANL-160519-114556009
Farm Land at Ingoldisthorpe ANL-160519-114556009
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If this dreadful proposal were to go ahead at such a sensitive ecological site it would be catastrophic, not only for the wading birds, our famous pink-footed geese, but all other land feeding and nesting birds.

Brown hares live there, barn owls hunt over this ground and roe deer are seen regularly. What effect would industrial digging behind sea defences have and what chaos would be caused on the A149 with heavy lorries using yet another feeder road onto it? It does not bear thinking about. People come from around the world to our lovely, unspoiled part of the Wash. We must preserve this area and our all important tourist industry.

Rosalind Pugh

Kenside, Snettisham