Letters: Salina Cumbridge, April 19, 2016

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On March 20 some people took the time to attend the Sports Relief event held at Lynnsport to help raise funds for this charity.

On arrival it was disappointing to note how few people were at the event, I do wonder if this was because of lack of advertising locally.

The event started well with the appearance of the Alive Lynnsport mascot and a great warm-up session led by Sharon Hanson.

But sadly Lynnsport’s lack of enthusiam for the event then started to show, starting with the disappearance of the mascot and the music being turned off after a short while.

The staff disappeared as the event went on, leaving just marshals and two people behind a table with no other support for people (except the required paramedics). No-one was at the finish line to congratulate people and let them know where to go to collect their medal and a bottle of water.

Then the clearing away of the event started before the last person had crossed the line! This was so disrespectful. Lynn Community Runners were the biggest majority at the event and I am proud to be part of this wonderful group that when they had finished their distance did not leave the event but stayed until the end to support and cheer people over the finish line.

I have been waiting to see the coverage of this event in the local papers or on Alive Lynnsports Facebook page/website but nothing has appeared, which again shows lack of enthusiasm towards this event.

The conclusion drawn from all this is that for the next one to bring in people that care about community spirit to help organise the event.

Salina Cumbridge, Lynn