Letters: Sally Brighton, August 8, 2015

King's Lynn Bus Station Official Opening ANL-150730-171930009
King's Lynn Bus Station Official Opening ANL-150730-171930009
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I do hope the present ‘arrangements’ for picking up a taxi at Lynn Bus Station are only temporary.

We travel to your beautiful county from Wales by bus more than three times a year, and were agreeably pleased and surprised this year, to see how clearly and logically the demarcations between the newly upgraded bus stop stands now are.

However, finding a taxi late in the day was a different matter. As travellers in our seventies carrying with us heavy luggage, we ended up completely lost, dodging between moving buses under pouring rain with no taxi rank in sight.

Even the small home town we had left nine hours earlier, with a bus station a quarter the size of yours, has spaces for taxis to draw up safely and within comfortable reach of the buses. It is impossible to hail or greet a taxi if you can’t see it!

On later enquiry from the bus station office, I find that taxis are at present ‘stowed away’ in the underground car park by Sainsbury’s, but we had no way of knowing this. I for one, would anyway hesitate before daring to join the traffic flow of an underground and potentially dark and dodgy car park, carrying heavy luggage after a long journey, and I am relatively fit and healthy. What a more disabled and aged member of my peer group would feel, carrying their most vital belongings, valuables, holiday money etc. into such a place, I can’t imagine!

I notice that bicycles are provided with and abundance of well-placed and visible stands. How come we taxi seekers are so poorly served?

Sally Brighton

Flintshire, North Wales