Letters: Sally Turff, March 10, 2015

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My husband died recently. He had a number of appointments at the QEH and so

following the exhortations of the NHS to keep appointments or cancel them, I attempted to do so. An entire day was spent trying to contact the appointments department.

The number was either engaged or no-one was answering. There is no facility to leave a message.

Eventually in desperation I contacted the Patient Advice and Liaison Service and left a message which was returned by a staff member who undertook to cancel the several appointments that had been made for my husband.

Four days later I received a letter ­ addressed to my husband – advising that one of these appointments had been cancelled “due to unforeseen

circumstances” and that an alternative had been made for a later date.

If the date was unsuitable he was asked to contact the appointments department.

Needless to say that number has been constantly engaged or not answered.

Is it any surprise that appointments are not kept? And why on earth, if the appointments department is never going to have anyone present to deal with cancellations, is there no email facility whereby cancellations can be made?.

Sally Turff

Queens Street, Lynn