Letters: Sally Turff, October 28, 2016

Garbage bin on white background SUS-140516-105215001
Garbage bin on white background SUS-140516-105215001
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There is just one driver who is able to operate the equipment used to empty the county’s paper banks – and he has been on holiday for the past fortnight. So I am advised by the company which employs him. This is why the banks are all full to overflowing, many with quantities of newsprint piled up on the ground beside them.

This unfortunate individual is now working his way across the county from Yarmouth to Lynn. It could be a very long time indeed before your local bank is emptied.

On enquiry, the company also told me that as the local authorities “are not interested” in dealing with waste paper, there would be little point in complaining to them.

So we have yet another nail in the coffin which is recycling. What point the borough’s initiatives to encourage us all to sort our rubbish responsibly and do the right thing? My local paper bank – Baker Lane, Lynn – has been crammed full for well over a week, while I have to find space for at least four bags of papers to go out with the next lot of recycling in the household waste or take to the recycling centre, with all the attendant environmental disadvantages.

And while we are on the subject, a taxi from Lynn bus station to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital costs £7.50, one way. Readers may like to consider this before attempting to go there by bus, as I did, only to find that the service wasn’t running and if I wasn’t going to miss my appointment it was going to have to be a taxi.

Take my advice, check that the bus service remains in operation; if it does, that the buses are on time and will get you to your appointment; and do all this well in advance because the information centre at the interchange is not manned and finding someone to give you information is simply the luck of the draw.

Sally Turff. Queen Street, Lynn