Letters: Sandra Squire, March 11, 2016

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Crimplesham ENGANL00120131110180204
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Further to your article regarding Councillor Joyce’s comments about Crimplesham. I would like to assure people that neither God, myself, nor the residents of Crimplesham have given up on it.

If Councillor Joyce is looking for examples of dead and godless villages, he’s not going to find one in Crimplesham. I’m assured that his comments were factually incorrect and the church holds services twice a month with a regular congregation attending.

However ill-advised Councillor Joyce’s comments may be, whether the church is open or not is entirely secondary to the point he was trying to make. He made the comments in relation to the proposed Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) that will be applied to new developments at different rates, according to their location in the borough. Councillor Joyce was concerned that developers would choose to develop on land that has a cheaper levy rate, meaning some rural areas of the borough would suffer and die as a result, using Crimplesham as an example.

However, Crimplesham would be wholly inappropriate for large scale development anyway as it is a small village. Large developments would not be considered appropriate or sustainable, which makes his headline-grabbing statement entirely irrelevant.

Unless his point is that the villages of West Norfolk are forgotten wastelands with no centre of the community, which is also simply untrue. Within these villages, particularly in Crimplesham, is a beating heart of village volunteers and parish councils working very hard to improve their villages. Crimplesham village hall holds community events and a village cafe, the parish council is improving areas such as the bus shelter and playing field and as previously stated, the church opens twice a month.

It is far from being dead, abandoned and godless.

So perhaps Councillor Joyce would like to rethink his comment about Crimplesham and would like to publicly apologise to the residents at the next council meeting. Anyone concerned about the proposed CIL rates can take part in the consultation and send in their comments.

Sandra Squire, borough councillor Wimbotsham and Fincham Ward