Letters: Sheridan Payne, March 27, 2015

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If a person is used to standing on their head, they will think it is normal to see things upside down.

So when Jeffrey Reed keeps claiming that the rejection of the incinerator is a disaster, I can only think he is used to seeing things upside down.

Most people in West Norfolk realise what a great escape we have all had from that disaster.

So now he rounds on the secretary of state, Eric Pickles, for sitting on the inspector’s decision for a year.

It was obviously a difficult issue to deal with but I, for one, am grateful that he did sit on it for so long as it allowed the incinerator the chance to die.

Mr Pickles was also aware of the overwhelming local opposition to the incinerator, as demonstrated by the historic referendum and 6,000 anti-incinerator letters he received from us in West Norfolk.

Mr Pickles was aware of the bully-boy tactics being used by councillors Murphy and Borrett as they were trying to push through the incinerator contract before even getting planning permission.

If Jeffrey Reed thinks the disgraceful actions of Murphy and Co were acceptable, he is clearly deluded and wrong.

Incineration is actually a waste of valuable resources whereas recycling is widely seen as the way forward.

If the incinerator had been built, it would have been increasingly reliant on rubbish from outside our area, which is a crazy situation.

I am appalled by Mr Reed’s arrogance and he really needs to take his head from the sand and face the stark truth that incineration has a terrible health record around the world.

I am frankly amazed by his arrogance, but there are none so blind as those who will not see. Mr Reed has the right to express his opinion, just as we have the right to celebrate the defeat of the incinerator.

Sheridan Payne

Wisbech Road, Lynn