Letters: Sporle, April 3, 2015

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Re: the poor Ofsted report for Sporle Primary School (Lynn News, March 27). I am a parent of two children who attend Sporle Primary School.

We moved to Swaffham in October 2014 and after much deliberations and visits to numerous school in the area we chose Sporle school for our children. I have a son who is eight and in Year 4 and a daughter who is four and in reception class. My children were made to feel so welcome by teachers and students.

My son was above average in his previous school excelling in maths this he has continued to do, also he was very badly bullied at his previous school; the school chose to not address the problem and this was one of the reasons why we moved. Sporle Primary does not tolerate bullying which all schools need to put in place. My daughter is doing very well in maths, spelling and reading.

Most of all both my children love their school and by being happy they are both thriving. So from a new parents point of view about Sporle Primary School the reports given by Ofsted don’t reflect what we have seen in the past six months.

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