Letters: Stephen Andrews, December 1, 2015

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I agree with Edward Wheatley (Lynn News, November 17). The building of 160 houses to the south of Hunstanton will mean the majority will be bought by retired people who will put an immense strain on our already overstretched doctors and nurses at the local surgery.

Also he asks how many will be “affordable” housing. Very few I would imagine. True, we do need more accommodation for the locals as Councillors Bower and Earnshaw stated, but what we need is social housing at affordable rents,for young people to rent who are generally on low wages and few hours. Private landlords must be rubbing their hands. Take a look in the estate agents windows and be amazed at the prices charged – £495pcm for a one bedroom flat and up to £595pcm for a two bedroom flat.

These prices are way above what mortgage repayments would be but people are not earning enough to save for a deposit.

The houses on the Sheepfield development are ideal, but we do need more. I understand that now housing associations are being allowed to sell off their properties to the tenants putting us back to square one. What is needed in Hunstanton is light industry providing jobs for 52 weeks a year, not more care homes.

I know it is all year round employment, but the hours are minimal.

Stephen Andrews

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