Letters: Stephen Andrews, January 17, 2017

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With reference to your article in the Lynn News (January 6) regarding taking down the festive lights before Twelfth Night.

May I point out these lights were put up mid-November which means, if the Twelfth Night rule was kept, they should have been taken down before December, which would have meant before Advent. Advent is the anticipated coming of the Christ Child, an ecclesiastical season comprising the four weeks from the Sunday nearest to St Andrew’s day (November 30) to Christmas. During this time shops and houses get ‘trimmed up’ and ‘Christmas’ songs are played on the radio, television and in shops.

As soon as Christmas Day and Boxing Day is over, the songs revert back to the normal music.Really, the Christmas season begins with Christ being born and Twelfth Night celebrates Epiphany (January 6) when the Magi (three kings) visit the infant Jesus. After which the decorations are taken down and put away for another year. ‘Christmas’ season finishes with Candlemas (February 2).

I notice that our local supermarket had hot cross buns for sale on December 27. As hot cross buns are a commemoration of Christ’s death on Good Friday, which this year is April 14, I think that this is way out of order. I don’t mind the buns being on sale but at least take the ‘hot cross buns’ label off the packaging and call them yeast buns as they were called in the past. I also saw that another supermarket had Easter eggs on sale on January 2; I suggest that hot cross buns and Easter eggs are not put out for sale until Lent (March 1) this year. I’m afraid that is the way of our secular world which is governed by big business and finance.

Stephen Andrews, Hunstanton