Letters: Steve Lund-Beck, April 11, 2017

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Now that the demands for an increased council tax are arriving, it is time now to look at the amount of council officials and decide if they represent value for money.

For a start why do we have to have a chief executive and a deputy? Many councils have decided to abolish this post and it has not affected their running. I suggest that West Norfolk Council does the same. The chief executive is on over £ 2,000 a week, plus benefits and his deputy is also well paid. Other councils have continued to operate without these expensive luxuries and the time has come for Lynn to do the same. I would also suggest that the salaries of all department heads are reduced by 50 per cent and they are forced to reapply for their old jobs. Those who don’t want to reapply can leave, there will be plenty of applicants for such secure comfortable positions.

It is also time to look at the number of councillors on the payroll. At Lynn, it is over 60 that are drawing the minimum of £5/6,000 per year. Many draw much more than this. Just look at the totals paid on the council’s website. Not bad for a part-time job, is it? When did your elected councillor hold a meeting in your village, explaining what the council was doing with your council tax ? There will be howls of indignation following this letter, but I wonder how many of them will resign? This tax increase was meant to help the cost of care for the elderly, but a large percentage is already earmarked for increased councillor allowances.

Another quite unnecessary, and expensive position is the Police Commissioner. This post was imposed upon the taxpayer with the false claim that it would ensure a better police performance in keeping law and order. I have not noticed any great difference since we were forced to have a Police Commissioner and to me, as a taxpayer, the position is meaningless and just another layer of expensive bureaucracy. The magazine that carries news of Norfolk and the council activities also needs the chop. Other councils have saved in excess of £50,000 per year by abolishing this publication. The government has completely abandoned the taxpayer.

Steve Lund-Beck, Walton Highway