Letters: Steve Lund-Beck, February 24, 2017

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May I thank Mr Mills for his excellent letter in praise of the EU. It is always interesting to hear the views of other correspondents, even more so when it supports the view that Brexit is best. He opens with this “government’s own statistics”.

It is a well known fact that statistics can be used to prove anything. America’s secret was simply that the country was unpopulated by Europeans and the land was seized from the native Indians and developed by migrant Europeans in their own interests.

The following facts can be quite easily explained. High infant mortality rate, our state education slightly above average, failing to care for our elderly, failing to train and motivate our own people and bringing our young people to a level where they are able to compete for the best jobs. For the past forty years our governments have not been able to function because of our European membership. We have been ruled from Brussels and this is the main contributing factor that has brought this country to its knees.

We have been manipulated into becoming a vassal state that is now forced to take in unlimited numbers of immigrants from Europe. We now have over two million workers alone, not counting their dependents. The allowing in of families to live here was not the purpose of the Freedom of Movement.

I personally am ecstatic to be a Brit and thank those brave souls who suffered and endured so much so that I could always be a Englishman and die an Englishman. If it is his opinion that my desire to stay an Englishman can be called “moaning” then long may I live to “moan” in praise of our lovely country.

Steve Lund-Beck

Walton Highway