Letters: Steve Lund-Beck, February 3, 2017

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You should indeed beware myths and waffle, particularly by those who wished to exchange their English birthright for European identity.

Since its inception the auditors of the EU have refused to pass its books as legal. This shows it is badly run and bankrupt.

The Polish government has used the Freedom of Movement, not as it was intended, but as an excuse to move thousands of families to England for a better standard of living. Along with other Governments such as Romania they even issued maps to direct their people where to settle.

Our public services of schools and NHS are collapsing around us. Our very democracy is being destroyed, as now we see our own MPs refusing to accept a majority vote by the people. Our young people face zero hours contracts owing to the abundance of cheap European labour. England is being occupied and destroyed by migration. If Europe is such a wonderful place, why are they all flocking in their thousands to come here to live? Brexit was our last hope of preserving England for the English, but we have been unwilling to fight for our country and now we have lost it.

I love my country, my family fought in two world wars for it. I was born an Englishman and I will die an Englishman.

I am concerned that your correspondent is unhappy that he is now living in a country that wants no part of Europe.

May I respectfully suggest that he moves to Europe and finds the happiness there he craves as a European.

Steve Lund-Beck, West Walton