Letters: Steve Mackinder, February 5, 2016

Denver - Denver Mills ENGANL00120121128161722
Denver - Denver Mills ENGANL00120121128161722
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The report in the Lynn News (Friday, January 29) describing the sale of Denver Mill to a local business didn’t exactly fill me with glee.

Our lovely old windmill used to be the pride of our village until someone damaged it so badly that it could no longer function. We’ve been left with a tower and some outbuildings and, although a tea shop might be good enough compensation for some, as far as many of my fellow villagers are concerned, the people responsible for wrecking it should also be responsible for restoring it. This iconic and much-loved mill was given to the county by the Staines family and deserves better treatment and merely side-shifting responsibility for its current sad condition to a local business is both an abdication of responsibility and a terrible indictment of the way we regard our heritage buildings. As far as I’m aware, nobody has ever explained why the damage occurred, who was responsible and why it hasn’t been put right. I think we are due some answers.

Steve Mackinder

Sluice Road, Denver