Letters: Steve White, March 8, 2016

Save ou Fire Station HEACHAM Campaign. ANL-160128-135444009
Save ou Fire Station HEACHAM Campaign. ANL-160128-135444009
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A partial victory for the Fire Brigades Union and the residents of Norfolk was finally realised at the county council meeting on Monday, February 22.

Despite central government’s funding debacle and dubious facts and figures in the integrated Risk Management Plan, the campaigns by local residents and the FBU have seen proposals to close some retained fire stations completely and some whole-time stations at night, rejected.

Unfortunately, other parts of Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service will still be cut, council tax will rise and other vital services will be cut which may make this small victory seem a little hollow.

However it does show that with organisation, determination and a sense of actually standing up for what is right, another world is possible. Our politicians are elected to serve us, not rule us, as this government seems to think. It is possible to live in a society with an economy, not an economy hell bent on destroying society.

Steve White

Low Road, South Wootton