Letters: Steven Low, November 17, 2015

King's Lynn Bus Station Official Opening ANL-150730-171930009
King's Lynn Bus Station Official Opening ANL-150730-171930009
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To Stagecoach: I am writing to complain about the service you provide for bus users in the Lynn area.

My partner works for Sainsbury’s at Hardwick and has to use a combination of the North Lynn Too and Hardwick Six bus services to get to work.She always buys either weekly or monthly tickets and this is working out to be a complete waste of money and time.

In short, the service on the North Lynn section is not fit for purpose.

Every day there are missed services which for no legitimate reason, do not run or the service runs extremely late.

On November 8, she attempted to catch the service leaving at 10.20am fromLady Jane Grey Road, which did not arrive and ended up eventually getting a bus at 11.42am.

This is unacceptable as she is continually late due to the poor service you operate.

The North Lynn Too bus serves an area with a greater population than any of the other areas of town which do not have several options of service, such as the Fairstead service which is backed up by numerous other buses.

I am getting fed up having to pay for taxi services for my partner when she has already given you fares in advance which she cannot use due to the poor service you provide.

Perhaps you could explain why I am wasting money by buying your advance tickets.

Steven Low

North Lynn