Letters: Stuart Corrigan, January 23, 2015

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So Cory Wheelabrator have finally realised they are not wanted. That’s big of them. That is no reason though for those responsible at Norfolk County Council, or a better term, the The Theatre of the Absurd, to be let off the hook.

Those that inhabit County Hall have admitted it cost them £40 million in compensation, making the case to secure the land and planning issues. This is how cavalier they are with public money regarding projects of self interest characterised with skulduggery and indifference. Lest we not forget the ways Norfolk County Council tried to bully the infernal burner on Lynn.

An easy solution for sustainable waste disposal is to send all Norfolk’s rubbish to County Hall as it will compliment those who inhabit it.

When one looks at the A47 in various parts of Norfolk at peak times at the Hardwick, Middleton, Dereham, the Acle Straight, it is just gridlock and Norfolk County Council are totally indifferent. Had they got their way with the incinerator this would have generated 87 HGV movements each way on the A47 daily. This leads one to the conclusion of a conflict of interests between NCC and Norwich City Council.

It would appear NCC see themselves as just an extension of Norwich City Council and anywhere beyond the pale of Norwich they are simply not interested in. This with the exception of an incinerator along with its pollution, contamination and birth defects which it would of brought. Those in County Hall advocating this would gladly put that anywhere in Norfolk beyond the pale of Norwich.

In looking at the above examples, one might ask outright what is their vested interest in keeping all of Norfolk beyond the pale of Norwich backward? Are Norfolk really fit for purpose? Do they know what they have been elected for or better still who are they working for as its certainly not those who elected them?

Stuart Corrigan,

King’s Lynn