Letters: Stuart Hall, October 20, 2015

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In reference to the letter from the president of the Pelicans (September 25) we need to correct the statements made against us.

LARA submitted the complaint following a non-political single issue campaign, which is the loss of green space around Lynnsport and nothing else. We have no objections to the new hockey pitches or tennis courts that are planned for Lynnsport. It is important to state we have never or would ever highlight any junior member belonging to any club.

They have nothing to do with the issue.

Neither do we intend to denigrate anybody, but in our opinion we felt the need to respond to a barrage of comments that appeared to discredit us.

There is a strong difference of opinion, but we did follow due process through official channels. However this has been misrepresented and misinterpreted.

We will continue to argue that the long-term sustainable future of Lynnsport as a sporting and community asset is based on maintaining it as an open area for future generations.

This means that in the future there will be space to build new pitches or perhaps even a new swimming pool? If the land is gone, none of this will happen and Lynnsport as a sporting venue will become non-viable. In short, we feel that the best interest of the town is to keep options open before we embark on a road of no return.

We don’t know what the financial return will be for the council, however, we know what will be lost and whatever funds it raises in the short-term cannot be worth the long-term loss of green space and the consequences.

In response to this being a “childish campaign”, I would like to refer the president to over 2,000 local residents who have signed petitions against the development in its current form.

We hold no issue with the Pelicans and wish them every success this season.

Stuart Hall

Chairman of LARA