Letters: Sue Bruce, August 19, 2016

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Jubilee ENGANL00120120524113856
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How ironic that it’s 25 years since the Queen opened Lynnsport and earlier this month the council’s planning committee passed the first application to build houses and flats on one of the planned four sites there.

The Lynn News reported that in 1991 the paper printed a souvenir edition to celebrate the Queen opening the leisure centre which was headlined ‘Queen opens Lynn’s pride’. Visitors to Lynnsport will see the plaque commemorating the opening of “Lynnsport Leisure Park” by the Queen. In 1994 Lynnsport’s publicity leaflet referred quite clearly to a Leisure Park containing 70 acres of landscaped parkland including the pitches but available for everyone to enjoy a variety of informal leisure activities, such as walking, cycling and picnicking. New hockey pitches and tennis courts are a great addition for those that will use them but free amenity and open space in this very built-up area is in short supply and even more so since 1991 and is of equal importance. The wildlife corner is nothing new; it’s always been there but what about the wildlife that are fast disappearing from the rest of the park? River Lane playing field has been removed from the planned development following objections from the public (and possibly the knowledge that this area being lower suffers badly from flooding) but despite promises of protection so far this has not happened. Fast forward 25 years, Lynnsport leisure will no longer be a park, it will be a leisure centre within a housing estate. Build houses, yes, in fact 4,000 have been planned for Lynn, but building on public land, parks and playing fields that can never be replaced is short sighted and is not good planning.

Sue Bruce, Secretary Lynnsport Area Residents Association