Letters: Sue Bruce, June 5, 2015

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If anyone doubts why Lynnsport Leisure Park shouldn’t be built they should take a walk around the park, especially the areas at the back of Lynnsport when the trees are full of bloom.

It’s hard to believe that this whole park is on the very edge of housing estates with built-up areas all around it. That’s part of the beauty, it’s accessible to all, you don’t need a car and you don’t need money to enjoy the tranquillity, peace and beauty and see nature at its best. It’s like taking a walk into the countryside. The council is planning on building a minimum of 269 houses on Lynnsport Park – these houses are intended to be for sale (not for rent) – and removing this valuable source of open green space that is particularly used by residents of North Lynn, North End, Marsh Lane and Gaywood for FREE amenity and play activities. Thousands of new homes are planned for Lynn and it’s well documented that people also need open green spaces for health and well-being. This park should be protected and promoted as a showcase to the town, not built on. There’s a small play area, but there could be a bigger one, there could be seating, and there must be grants available for this.

Fetes, festivals, even car boots could be held there, events that would encourage communities to come together.

Scouts and guides could have camps there, jamborees – the list is endless. Instead, the council wants to build houses and lay concrete thinking only of the quick financial benefit and not the long term loss to the town. Who will stop them? In the Lynn News on Tuesday, May 19, there was an article headed ‘Housing plans need a re-think says MP’, where Henry Bellingham among other things said that developments should be more in accordance with the wishes of the local people. The road and development planned for Lynnsport Park is definitely NOT with the wishes of the local people, and this is shown by over 1,000 people signing the petition for a public inquiry.

He has agreed the road would be a rat run and has concerns about the amount of housing planned there.

Mr Bellingham said on his website that he had supported residents against this road and housing development. Why then doesn’t he now support the public who voted for him and stand against the Conservative councillors who intend to bulldoze this road and development through with, since the election, even less opposition from councillors from other parties to stop them.

Henry Bellingham and all other prospective candidates supported the incinerator campaign. They all said they were supporting residents against this development so I am asking for Mr Bellingham’s support now to call a stop to this development before it’s too late for residents and for Lynn.

Sue Bruce

Lynnsport Area Residents’ Association