Letters: Sue Bruce, March 10, 2015

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There are three parts of the planned development for Gaywood and North Lynn, each of them individual.

Marsh Lane site – this was an orchard with apple and pear trees that residents picked and where children played.

Five years ago the council sent in a JCB (much like they have just done at Lynnsport) and cut down the trees.

A year ago they did the same again and burnt them. Since then the site has run wild and attracted fly tipping.

Cllr Beales likes to say it is a run-down site, but it wasn’t before the council got involved.

Now most people accept it will be developed, which no doubt was the reason the council did what they did.

The road – what was not shown at the consultations was that the road will run from Edward Benefer to Columbia Way and link up North Lynn, Gaywood, Marsh Lane, the Grange Estate and Wootton Road.

Traffic, including buses, will use the routes. It will be great for people moving around the area and choosing the shortest route, but what about the residents of Columbia Way, Marsh Lane and South Wootton Lane who will end up with queues of traffic outside their homes?

Lynnsport – with 7,500 new dwellings planned for King’s Lynn before 2026 (16,500 for the borough as a whole) we need safe, accessible and pollution-free open green space for residents of all ages to use for play and leisure.

This is why it is so important for the health and well-being of the public for this development to be stopped or reduced in size.

I appreciate additional housing is needed and we need to encourage industry and jobs and support those here now, including Lynnsport, but we don’t have the infrastructure for this amount of properties.

Roads, schools, doctors – who will provide these?

Expect traffic congestion and increased pollution. King’s Lynn will be changed forever and for the worse.

This will not just affect local residents but those who travel to King’s Lynn for work, social, education or health reasons.

The reason for all of the above is profit for the council. Profit before people.

This was proved when the digger went to Lynnsport and flattened and removed hedgerows, and destroyed wildlife, when planning permission has not even been given.

Cllr Beales said at the council meeting less than a week ago that the public would be consulted prior to any work being carried out.

Sue Bruce