Letters, Sue Bruce, May 12, 2015

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I attended the hustings at the college and Heacham and Mr Bellingham mentioned that 6,500 new homes were planned across the borough, however the councils core strategy which it adopted in July 2011 says that it plans to allow a minimum of 7,500 new homes to be built within King’s Lynn and 16,500 across the borough before 2026.

I appreciate some may have been built but I’m sure 10,000 haven’t as yet been built. This brings huge concerns in terms of lack of infrastructure and services for the inevitable increase in population that will result from this amount of building.

The road that has been passed for planning is not the road that was part of the consultations, it is no longer an access road but a road to take traffic from Edward Benefer, through North Lynn, an area where there is statistically poorer health and lower life expectancy and many residents on low incomes.

Mr Bellingham also said that Lynnsport had been identified as potential building land since the 1970’s but that doesn’t mean it has to be built on now.

Times have changed and we now realise the importance of green open space for the well-being of the public. This is now the last area of open green space in this area which makes it even more valuable.

Air quality has decreased, traffic has increased, green open space is at a premium in King’s Lynn and with the additional housing planned for King’s Lynn it is imperative that this area of land is protected for this generation and future generations.

A minimum of 260 new homes are planned for Lynnsport, the loss of this amount of houses won’t be a huge loss in terms of housing in King’s Lynn given the amount of housing planned but it will be a huge loss to the residents who live in all the areas surrounding Lynnsport that use the area now for free leisure and play activities.

The overwhelming belief is that the only reason for the development is to provide money to the council to help balance the books and as they are landowner and developer and pass their own plans they are able to.

Basically they are selling off the towns ‘crown jewels’ for a quick and easy profit.

The issues around this development will not go aware and will continue for as long as it takes until the public are listened to.

More people are getting involved and opposition if anything is growing.

The public care about Lynnsport and they care about King’s Lynn and I cant help thinking that our councils plans to not only build on Lynnsport but also build this amount of housing will change the town and not for the better.

It’s a sad thought that one day we may look back on these times as being when the town started changing and with regret wishing we could turn the clock back but by then it will then be too late.

On a final note in the Lynn News dated 14th April under ‘Looking Back’ it says that 25 years ago residents were fighting proposals for this same road from Edward Benefer, through Marsh Lane and linking with Marsh Lane and it was then feared it would become ‘a rat run’. Henry Bellingham at the time said he agreed with their concerns and asked the council to hold a public meeting and refer the issue back to the planning committee. 25 years on and nothings changed!

Sue Bruce,