Letters: Sue Bruce, May 16, 2017

GV Photo of Greenpark Avenue, North Lynn 'Leading to Lynnsport from Columbia Way
GV Photo of Greenpark Avenue, North Lynn 'Leading to Lynnsport from Columbia Way
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No one believed that the borough council would ever build on Lynnsport, they thought the council saw it as a flag ship for Lynn and, like residents, valued it for what it was, a beautiful tranquil park.

The borough council believes that building over the lovely and established green fields and destroying trees and wildlife will be compensated by providing a wildlife corner, which was always there, and grassing over the old tip site. Without the public’s campaign and support the development would have included River Lane playing fields, whereas now this area is to be granted a Fields in Trust award which will safeguard it for the future. We have no objections to the additional sporting facilities but what better setting along with the sports centre and athletics track could there have been than to be surrounded by a leisure park? Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent on a new road and car parks but when asked to fit railings around the children’s play area close to the new car park, and to keep dogs out, and look again at the cycle crossings which are an accident waiting to happen, these are refused. If someone gets hurt or killed something will be done but it will be too late. It was reported at the planning meeting that there were few objections from the public, I would like to point to the 1,420 signatures on the online petition against this unwanted development. You have to ask is it right that the borough council as developer and landowner can make the decision to pass or not. In years to come people will say they remember a lovely park and ask whoever decided it was a good idea to build on it? Those of us who will remember will have to say it was West Norfolk Council.

Sue Bruce, Lynnsport Area Residents’ Association