Letters: Sue Massingham, March 6, 2015

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I, together with many other members of the general public (or should I say, the VOTING public), attended the council meeting at the Town Hall when the development at Lynnsport was “discussed” (a loose term I feel).

Although there has been a massive amount of opposition, together with calls for further consultations to discuss all the changes since the last public consultation, the proposal was passed by the Tory majority on the council, despite many impassioned pleas by members of other parties.

Although the Government has introduced a system of Neighbourhood Planning Measures, whereby local communities can have a say in the planning matters of the town, no such thought was given to this and the planned road and housing estate will be bulldozed through at breakneck speed by the planners.

Apparently there are serious financial implications if it is not started soon – but we are not told what these are.

Once again the voters are needed to get them in office but ignored when they want their own way.

Sue Massingham,

Gloucester Road, Lynn