Letters: Susan Bruce, February 17, 2015

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It is unfortunate that Arthur Lee in his letter in Friday’s newspaper felt it appropriate to name call.

Yes we need additional housing but only 15 per cent of these properties will be affordable rent which means that the rent will be 80 per cent of market value which is higher than what many people consider to be social housing rent. The rest of the houses will be for sale or private rent. There are also 300 homes planned for South Wootton, 600 for Knights Hill, 81 for Wootton Road and 260 Queen Mary Road. I hope Mr Lee will be fortunate enough to find housing, although Reffley is not such a bad place to live. At least there are gardens which is more than many have.

LARA are not against housing, what we are against is housing on parks and playing fields, particularly with an expanding town with only one other park ie The Walks that people can use and with other brown field sites that could be built on. I would suggest Mr Lee takes a walk around Lynnsport sometime and he would see that the area is used by young and old for a variety of leisure activities other than just dog walking.

Susan Bruce,