Letters: Susan Greenacre, September 13, 2016

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It would appear to me that just lately in my personal experience that bicycles rule the pathways, especially the ones that aren’t marked as cyclepaths as well.

In the last month I have been hit twice by bicycles at some speed on the pathways at Gaywood. On one occasion in the middle of August I was hit by a bike as I came out of the chemist on the corner of Gayton and Wootton roads and spun round on my feet. The man stopped and apologised, however he had cut the corner at speed and an elderly person leaving the shop would have been knocked flying. Recently I was again hit at speed on the path at the corner of Gayton Road, just before Aldi’s. This shook me up quite a lot and I had to sit down outside the shop to get over the shock. Why are these cyclists travelling at such speed on these narrow bits of pathway. If there had been a mum with a pram or pushchair near Aldi’s, then I dread to think of the consequences. It seems to me that on these narrow bits of path around Gaywood the cyclists seem to expect you to get out of their way when they are travelling at speed. Shouldn’t they be getting on the road when it is not marked as a cycle path? So, cyclists, how about being a bit more considerate to pedestrians on narrow pathways before someone gets seriously hurt?

Susan Greenacre, via email